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Sponsor a teacher solution.

Sponsor a Teacher is a capacity development initiative conceptualised by the Axiom Foundation and executed by Axiom Learning Solutions Limited. The initiative is in two dimension:

Axiom Foundation Capacity Development Scholarships

Firstly Axiom foundation is a charitable donor agency that wishes to improve the society through the funding of the capacity development of teachers at no cost to the teachers. Within this segment of the concept, Axiom will fund:

  1. Teacher training programs based on application and selections. The training will be facilitated by the Axiom faculty, professionals and expert.
  2. Teachers with evidence of admission for further studies in the field of education will receive scholarship from Axiom Learning Solutions Limited.

Thirty Party Donor Funding Programme

The second dimension of the initiative is focused at the third party participants in the Sponsor a Teacher project. It creates the platform for companies (Blue chips and SME’s), Donor Agencies, Developmental Agencies, High Net-worth Individuals and any other interested player to add value in the national responsibility of developing the capacity of Nigeria teachers and exposing the teachers to global best practices. This portfolio of this segment will cover Corporate Social initiates (CSI) interventions and capacity development projects. Institutions that subscribe to this solutions through Axiom Learning Solutions will have access to capacity development trouble spots in the Nigeria ecosystem and can select which area they wish to improve.

Project Objectives
S.A.T Capacity Development Objectives

Axiom is to play a critical role in the capacity development of teachers through its corporate social responsibility initiatives. This main objective is now guided by two other objectives which includes:

  • To inspire teachers and school leaders with educational development opportunities thatwill help support and develop their academic excellence, creativity and innovation in practice.
  • To create a competitive environment and healthy rivalry among the teachers.
  • To train teachers that would teach students to their maximum potential.
  • To have competent teachers in our primary and secondary schools.
  • To train teachers who are strong classroom leaders to become future mentors.
  • To have teachers who use learner-centred approach to teaching and learning
  • To help these teachers become more productive and effective as well as improvethe quality of education delivery at these levels of education.
  • To empower Nigerian teachers to become more effective in the discharge of their duties.

Third Party Donor Objectives
  • Axiom Learn through its foundation will offer scholarships and also train a pool of teachers.
  • Axiom serves as a middleman to aid private institutions and donor agencies apply their donations in the capacity development of teachers as a Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative or grant
  • This project aims to successfully train 2 out of every 5 teachers in federation and be a hallmark of top notch capacity development in the education sector.

Expected Outcomes

This scheme (S.A.T) would be beneficial both to participants who are directly involved and also Axiom as the main solicitor. Outlined below are the overall benefits:

S/N Intended Beneficiary Direct Benefits
1. Teachers Improvement of teacher education and creation of developmental opportunities for teachers.
2. Axiom Learning Solutions Limited Positive media attention that will attract investors and improve financial performance of the company
3. Axiom Foundation The foundation will be positioned as the face of the SAT initiative and through aggressive advocacy and awareness the impact will be well articulated to attract more funding.
4. The Society Availability of quality/well trained teachers for low income earners in the society.
5. The Students Quality education for the students.
6. The Government Opportunity to be assisted in training the public school teachers which makes it easier to for the government to focus on other areas.
7. Private Institutions & SME’s Opportunity to create awareness for their business, sponsor and give back to the society
8. Donor Agencies Opportunity to invest and be an avenue for change in the Nigerian Educational Sector.
9. HNI Opportunity for acknowledgement, to be a part and invest in the scheme.
10. Society Clubs/Associations Opportunity to choose investors and leaders to be able to provide or invest in the scheme.
11. Old Schoolboys/girls Associations An avenue to give back to the society.

Teacher Data Collection.

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