Welcome to Axiom Foundation


Years of experience in educational ecosystem.

Axiom foundation is a charitable donor agency that wishes to improve the society through the funding of the capacity development of teachers at no cost to the teachers.

Our Objectives

Axiom foundation intended impact and theory of change will be fulfilled through seven objectives:


To raise national and continental awareness on girl-child education and promote increasing stakeholder commitment through advocacy and sensitization of decision-makers and influencers at all levels of engagement.


To raise national and continental awareness on special education and promote adequate capacity development initiatives for stakeholders in the sector.


Promote the integration and of data to promote informed decisions, equity and quality education in Africa


Promote research and the development of solutions focused on Integrating Technology into Teaching and Learning


Promote research driven policy and strategic recommendations to champion early childhood policies in Africa.


To improve the capacity of teachers in Africa with the use of impact driven modern teaching skills.


To advocate for gender balance in the capacity development of teachers in Africa.